• Good traditional Thai.
    Need I say more? They had all the different Thai dishes imaginable beyond just noodles and rice. The pad Thai (quoting from a friend) “tastes very authentic.”
    I had the spicy fried rice and never been more pleased with any fried rice at a Asian restaurant.
    This place was a little hard to find and it’s hidden towards the back of the fish market. The owners were very nice and patient with us all. It’s got ma thumbs up!

    -4 stars review from Yelp.com
  • Great food. Great service. Great price.  Yellow curry with chicken was tasty.  Tom Kah was very good.  Free refills on this iced tea!!! Great little place.

    -5 Stars review on Yelp.com
  • I’ve been here three times, and have not been disappointed.
    I love their Thai pancake with the red and yellow curry on the side. The yellow is better, but not by a lot.
    My favorite dish is their spicy fried rice. I’m Mexican and they hit the spot when it comes to making spicy food and rice. :)
    If you need a good Thai place, come to this one.
    Although, what is preventing me on giving them a 5th star is the fact that I haven’t tried ALL of their food yet. 😉

    -4 Stars review from Yelp.com
  • Lovely ambiance, wonderful services, and casual prices. This is a place you want to go back for your stomach and your soul when you are alone, with friends, or with families.  Cheerful exchanges with wait staff make a half of your dining experience already positive. Sizzling red curry eggplant (with squid) goes well with white rice for mild curry flavor and crispy (yet soft) squid; large fresh shrimps in fried rice—fluffiness can be a hit or miss—; and substantial Tom Yam. Your conversations with your friends and families continue before you notice that all foods are gone.  The final pleasantness will be your reasonable bill.  You will visit Thai Chili again and again to see wonderful wait staff.

    -4 Stars review from Yelp.com